Children’s Toys

amusement park minature toysWhen looking for perfect gifts for children, whether for a birthday, baby shower, or holiday, every gift giver wants to be sure that their present is something that will be treasured. At Livingstone & Cavell Extraordinary Toys you can find a great toy store that has gifts for children of all ages. When a new family member is on his or her way into this world, it is only that much more exciting to bestow a warm welcome with, traditional nostalgic toys, books, puzzles, and more.

We are proud to see kids who have grown up with our toys over the past 25 years now having children of their own, and coming to us for toys that will delight and create wonderful memories.  But it’s the gleam of recognition in the eyes of adults who come up against the classic Bozo the Clown punching figure or whose thumbs start twitching when they see the display of dazzling marbles.  From W. Britain Toy Soldiers and Wilesco Steam Engines to Fisher Price retro toys (remember the pull-along telephone) we offer a rewarding nostalgic experience

We ship our toys to any location of your choice. For more information regarding tin toys or games, contact Livingstone & Cavell Extraordinary Toys in Calgary, Alberta.

There is no age limit on delight.

Livingstone & Cavell – why should kids have all the fun?