globepuzzleFrom high quality beautiful jigsaw puzzles to mind numbing cast metal brainteasers, we have a selection of games and puzzles for all ages.

Quality jigsaw puzzle are a wonderfully meditative experience but if you are going to spend hours focused on the details of an image—why not an old master painting, a Da Vinci, a Monet, a Vermeer; or perhaps a beautiful photograph of your favorite mountain lake.  Livingstone & Cavell has an excellent selection of beautiful and challenging puzzles from 48  piece floor puzzles to 13,200 piece masterpieces.

And as for brainteasers, if you love the thrill of the challenge, the satisfaction of an elegant solution, the pride of being the only one in the house or on the block, who can conceivably solve this thing, then we have the puzzles for you.  Tiny Lego like Nanoblocks, Ravensburger, secret boxes, bamboo, metal, pattern or construction puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes, Crossword, we have an excellent selection.

And if chess is your favorite pastime we also have a great selection of chess boards, with both the traditional Staunton pieces or character pieces from Napoleonic war figures to Jazz Musicians.  We also offer an excellent selection of deluxe board games including three dimensional Monopoly or Clue and stunning Scrabble boards.